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About the Trainer

  Sheri Floyd R.N., CPDT-KA       

Well, where to begin...

20+ years experience overall
in training and owning dogs
and other animals.  Her first
Obedience dog class was
at age 17 with her first
Doberman, Tasha. 
From there, it is history....

Her extreme passion as an
"animal lover" reaches beyond
dogs to horses, cats, & llamas too. Sheri has always been driven to continue her education & knowledge when it comes to animal nutrition, behavior, & training.  By doing so, she hopes to be an effective trainer that will help her clients and their animals achieve greater success in training and overall health.  When a client leaves from her training sessions... she wants them to feel like they learned something that day that they did not know before.  She wants them to feel empowered with the skills to keep training.

Sheri has two distinct areas of interest when it comes to
animals:  Training & Nutrition.  In training, her main area of interest is Ethology (the study of Animal Behavior)… In other words…what makes them tick, how to communicate with them, and how they respond. She believes to be an effective dog trainer you must first understand the animal you are wanting to train...If you do not understand how they think & learn you can not effectively design a program that will work for them.  Sheri’s #1 and foremost goal while dog training is:  To build a trusting relationship and leadership role between the dog and their owner.  Her training philosophies focus on teaching the pet owner how to understand and provide what the dog “needs” as a canine species first.  She strives to motivate each owner to reach further and educate themselves regarding building a relationship with their dogs. Therefore, she believes when you have a physically healthy and mentally balanced dog… anyone, at any age, can enjoy the great benefits you get from a human-dog bond.

Regarding Nutrition, her philosophy is simple…
what you put what you get out”.  This goes hand
in hand with training for physical and mental balance
in your dog. 

Sheri attended Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. after High School.  She obtained a Degree in Consumer & Family Science (Foods & Nutrition focus) from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  She immediately decided to continue her education on a career path in Nursing with a minor in Biology.  Sheri graduated with a Professional Degree in Nursing in 1992 from Purdue University. Sheri has been a Registered Nurse in the State of Indiana since 1992 and is also licensed in the insurance industry in property/casualty/health/life.  While attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Sheri was a volunteer at the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette.  In addition, Sheri is a current member & supporter of Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN.   At Wolf Park, she attended educational lectures and weekend seminars on Canine Behavior and Theory to Animal Photography & Training. Additionally, her self-education from a growing library of resources and hands on experience related to dogs and dog training is vast. In addition to Wolf Park, she has attended many independent seminars (too many to count anymore) and educational workshops from published authors and trainers in animal behavior, training & techniques, service dog training, animal health & nutrition to first aid.  In September 2010, Sheri successfully passed the national exam and qualifications of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (C.P.D.T.-KA) title. 

Sheri is actively training clients in the service dog field.  After attending several workshops/seminars & reading several books from well-known experts in the Service Dog fields ...Sheri found interest in training dogs for D.A.D. (Diabetes Alert Dog) work...and begin that service training with her Border Collie, Kiwi.  Sheri attended a D.A.D. Certification Course with Debby Kay and has now spent many hours of practice and training in the D.A.D. field. Sheri is a former member of the Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance.

Over the years, Sheri has participated in a variety of 
workshops and
private instruction in dog sports such as Obedience, Rally, Agility, Barn Hunt, Tracking and Herding.  Sheri competes in Obedience events with the A.K.C. (American Kennel Club) and U.K.C. (United Kennel Club) as well as C.D.S.P. (Companion Dog Sport Programs).  In addition to competing, Sheri is also an Obedience Judge for C.D.S.P. since 2017.

Professional Memberships include:  the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers among various other animal related clubs and rescue groups. Sheri is a Certified Evaluator & trainer for the A.K.C.'s "Canine Good Citizen" program sponsored by the A.K.C. (American Kennel Club).  Sheri was formerly the Training Instructor for Puppy & Adult Obedience at Portage Animal Clinic for over 7 years.  Currently, she teaches Puppy Classes, CGC and private lessons at Ruff Luxury Inn in Valparaiso, IN and is a guest instructor for Puppy, Obedience, CGC and Therapy Dog classes at Lisa Bataska Dog Training facility in Merrillville, IN. Sheri also continues to provide private lessons, seminars and teaching on Service Dog skills and Safety Courses including a Pet CPR certification (given by a Red Cross certified instructor)

As mentioned above, Sheri also finds interest in health and holistic nutrition in Canines and Felines.  She currently owns Natural Pets Nutrition Center & Dog Training in Crown Point, IN. since 2004 with the assistance from her mom, Donna.  She makes it a daily avocation to spread education regarding "species appropriate diet"  choices for your family pets and urges others to read on the benefits of Organic & Holistic food choices.  If there is any time left...she enjoys dog training and working with her llamas…Sheri resides with her husband, Randall (Pink), and all their four-legged friends at Three Birch Farm. 







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